Call for abstracts and registration

Call for abstracts:

  • UPDATE: The date for abstract submission has been changed to the 21st of May

The NTNU and HUNT research center welcomes oncologists, basic scientists, researchers and others with interest in the cancer biomarker field to join this first International Cancer Biomarker Symposium in Trondheim.

The Symposium invites abstracts on original research related to novel biomarkers for cancer, diagnostic, prognostic and predictive and related targets.

A summary paper should be prepared based on the presented work.

Abstracts should not contain more than 350 words and be organized in:

  • Background/Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion.

One figure and/or one table is permitted.

Please notify if you wish to submit your abstract only for print in the abstract book, as a poster and/or an oral presentation.

Please submit your abstract as a Word file to:
Abstract submission deadline: May 21st 2016.